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Questions about buying a manufactured home?

At Baird Homes of Distinction, we're here to help answer all your questions about buying a new home. Questions listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear.


Your home ownership questions have been answered!

What is the difference between a HUD code singlewide or doublewide home, and a State Code Modular home?

HUD code homes meet or exceed the minimum standards for residential buildings based on Federal Housing and Urban Development regulations. On manufactured housing the HUD code homes are clearly identified by a plate (usually red in color) attached to the outside of the home. Most all singlewides, and the vast majority of doublewide homes, in inventory at retail locations are built to this code. These homes keep a steel frame for possible future transport, but have all tires/axles/hitches removed during installation. If they are attached to a basement or crawl space foundation (most are) they qualify for all the normal financing programs that are currently in place, with lending terms up to 30 years on doublewide homes and up to 20 years on singlewides.

State Code Modular homes are also built in a factory setting, but they are built to individual State building guidelines rather than Federal. These homes are built in two or more sections, (usually 2 for a typical Ranch style home) and are delivered to the home site in the same manner as other manufactured homes. Most all State Code Mod homes (with very limited exceptions) are lifted off of their carriers with a crane and are set in position on crawl space foundation or basement. When a Mod home is set there is no steel frame left behind under the home, and therefore no way to transport home at a future date. Due to how the Mod home is set, and the fact that it is built to State code, these homes are treated the same as any conventional “stick built” home when it comes to appraisal, insurance, and lending guidelines.

How long does it take to complete the project between the purchase of a manufactured home, and the time a homeowner can take possession of the home and move in?

Many factors weigh into the completion time of a project, (weather, site conditions ect) and no two projects are the same, but as a general rule of thumb our doublewide and modular homes are built and installed on customers location much quicker than a site built home. Existing display models (when available) can be completed even faster, in some instances less than 30 days! Now to clarify this time frame does not include the time spent financing the home, (if needed) it is from the point in time Baird Homes receives the initial down payment/draw from the customer or lender involved.  

How does the quality compare between a conventional stick built home and a manufactured home?

There has been a lot of misinformation out there concerning the quality of manufactured homes. To those of us in the industry it seems that mobile homes or trailers (as they are still called by many) are given a bad rap by the news media every time a severe storm hits our area. Granted mobile homes are built to a variety of standards, and many units (particularly older models) were not set by the more stringent anchoring codes in force today, but it is grossly unfair to generalize our product as being “all the same.”

Both the HUD code product we stock, and of course all of the State Code Modular product, stack up very well when compared alongside site built homes. 2x6 exterior walls 16” on center, Thermo Payne widows with Low E glass, excellent insulation R factor values in both the roof and the sidewalls of the home, fully finished ½” thick residential drywall throughout home, OSB exterior wrap, vinyl siding, 3 dimensional shingles with a 30 year warranty, roof pitch up to 9/12, different exterior looks including bump outs and dormers, all of these options and much more are available in most all HUD code product, and are standard features on many of the State Code Modular homes. All manufactured homes are built indoors where building material is protected from the elements. When you get down to comparing “apples to apples” as the old saying goes you will find that many of our homes are built stronger than many conventional site built homes. In order to enable the safe transportation of their product many factories go the extra mile to ensure home is built to withstand the journey!

Most areas today have zoning laws and building inspectors checking out the various stages of construction, but there are still many counties that have no inspection process at all. With a site built home constructed in those areas there is no alternate inspections to verify the quality of the workmanship. When it comes to manufactured housing (of all varieties) that is never the case. All homes are inspected by independent (non factory) inspectors at the factory level prior to shipment to ensure they meet code. Often our homes are inspected again by FHA, VA, and USDA inspectors as well as local county inspectors after the home is completed. Anyone currently considering a home purchase should keep these facts in mind.

How much customization can be done to manufactured housing?

Over the last decade we have watched many manufactured housing factories dramatically increase the amount of customizing they allow with their product. Some are actually at a point that they will engineer and build most any floor plan! Many offer “stretch” options where a customer can increase the size of the bedrooms or other area of the home in which more room is needed. There are porch options on several models, and most every home can be flipped end to end to accommodate an onsite garage ect. Most every home also has a basement stairwell/recessed frame option that will allow for home installation upon a full basement with an opening for a stairwell already engineered and installed by the factory. With the abundance of floor plans available to choose from most of the time we can get very close to what a customer has in mind, from there we can customize as needed. Of course there are limits, and each manufacturer is a little different, but most people in the housing market today should have no problem finding a manufactured home to meet both their needs and desires.

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